"Be Bold or Italic. Never Regular."

I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, and have been doodling and coloring ever since I can remember. It was with this passion that led to a career in graphic design after receiving a degree in Informational Graphics and Publication Design from Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication. Now based in Indianapolis, I work as Senior Graphic Designer for a digital media agency called StrataBlue as well as a freelance designer. Working with local companies in the Indianapolis area has made me passionate about growing and strengthening brands and businesses within my community. My work combines simple, clean lines with an illustrative eye to create a unique look for various types of projects.

I have a passion for a wide range of design, from print to web. Living and breathing design, I am always looking for ways to improve or change a piece to make it aesthetically better, whether it's something I'm hanging on the wall in my living room or creating on the computer for a client. I strive to push the creative process with every new project, to learn more and to take a piece to its highest potential. I like to follow the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Stupid, gravitating toward a more simplistic aesthetic.